Best Fantasy API for Cricket work the best with CricAPI
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Hit this URL with all you got:
This gets you the complete list of all squad members of all teams for a given match ID. You can query for future matches also! Match Calendar API guide is here.

Inputs Variables (POST or GET as per your convenience)

Variable Value
unique_id Unique ID of the Match you wish to query for
apikey Your API Key generated when you Sign Up / Login

Output Variables (in the Universal JSON format)

Variable Value
creditsLeft Number of credits left against this API Key. If you wish to recharge credits, contact us.
NOTE: While the official rate is $0.007 per hit, we give you FREE HITS too! If we have already
processed the same data for someone else in the past 10 seconds, you will be given a free hit.

Variable Value
players Array of Squad entries in the format:

"name": "Sachin Tendulkar", 
"pid": 35320
name Name of the Team