CricAPI Pricing

We pride ourselves in being consistently able to provide free API for cricket data. However maintaining high quality standards needs us to spend good money, and in turn bill you for the services.

A majority of the features CricAPI has to offer are made available for free, including our servers' bandwidth, guidance over email from our staff - there are things you normally only get in expensive products; but we bring it to you on our free API as well.

Naturally freebies cannot last forever; thus we have a very generous free package but there's a paid plan, and a whitelabel plan to help you .. erm... plan

Note: 1 HIT = 1 Use of the API
Note: Signup is FREE. Test everything in the free account BEFORE you buy.
Note: API is the same - FREE vs PAID changes usage volume, not data type. Buy only once you're satisfied with the free version
Note: Cancellation can be done from your member area with the Cancel link. This is instant, and billing is stopped immediately
Note: Since Unlimited Free trial is provided before purchase, there are no refunds.

Feature Lifetime Free
Hits per Day 100 1000 10,000 100,000 No Limit
Access to ALL API
(volume limits)
CricAPI Test Tool
Near Live Data
Email Support
No Contracts / Bonds
Whitelabelled API
Fantasy API
Push API
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Start using as per your convenience; no obligation.
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