Will you bet on Deccan Chargers or on Delhi Daredevils?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Delhi Daredevils Innings Current Status Runs
G Gambhir catch by Y Venugopal Rao 19
DA Warner catch by Y Venugopal Rao 4
TM Dilshan catch by DB Ravi Teja 37
AB de Villiers catch by DB Ravi Teja 44
V Sehwag (c) catch by A Symonds 11
KD Karthik † not out 44
R Bhatia catch by Shoaib Ahmed 0
A Mishra run out (†Gilchrist) 2
PJ Sangwan not out 0
Deccan Chargers Innings Current Status Runs
TL Suman catch by A Nehra 3
AC Gilchrist (c) † bowled by PJ Sangwan 64
RG Sharma catch by DA Warner 6
DB Ravi Teja catch by R Bhatia 27
A Symonds bowled by R Bhatia 41
DR Smith bowled by R Bhatia 1
Y Venugopal Rao catch by KD Karthik 1
WPUJC Vaas not out 10
RP Singh run out (Nehra) 0
PP Ojha bowled by R Bhatia 0
Shoaib Ahmed catch by AB de Villiers 0