Will you bet on Deccan Chargers or on Rajasthan Royals?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Deccan Chargers Innings Current Status Runs
TL Suman catch by LA Carseldine 29
AC Gilchrist (c) † lbw by YK Pathan 10
RG Sharma stumped by PP Ojha 9
A Symonds bowled by RA Jadeja 30
DR Smith catch by AS Raut 47
WPUJC Vaas catch by LA Carseldine 20
Y Venugopal Rao catch by RA Jadeja 12
DB Ravi Teja not out 7
RP Singh not out 0
Rajasthan Royals Innings Current Status Runs
GC Smith lbw by WPUJC Vaas 1
SA Asnodkar run out (†Gilchrist/Venugopal Rao) 44
LA Carseldine stumped by AC Gilchrist 8
NV Ojha † run out (Ravi Teja) 16
YK Pathan catch by DR Smith 6
RA Jadeja not out 19
AS Raut bowled by RG Sharma 1
M Morkel catch by DB Ravi Teja 8
SK Warne (c) bowled by RG Sharma 0
SK Trivedi bowled by RP Singh 1
MM Patel run out (Suman/†Gilchrist) 5