Will you bet on Royal Challengers Bangalore or on Kings XI Punjab?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Royal Challengers Bangalore Innings Current Status Runs
JD Ryder catch by DPMD Jayawardene 2
SP Goswami catch by PP Chawla 10
R Bishnoi catch by PP Chawla 18
JH Kallis bowled by Yuvraj Singh 27
RV Uthappa catch by SM Katich 19
V Kohli catch by PP Chawla 16
MV Boucher † lbw by Yuvraj Singh 2
RE van der Merwe catch by IK Pathan 35
P Kumar not out 9
A Kumble (c) bowled by YA Abdulla 1
KP Appanna not out 0
Kings XI Punjab Innings Current Status Runs
Yuvraj Singh (c) catch by JH Kallis 50
K Goel catch by V Kohli 20
SM Katich run out (van der Merwe/†Boucher) 3
KC Sangakkara † bowled by A Kumble 17
DPMD Jayawardene catch by JH Kallis 19
IK Pathan catch by V Kohli 12
PP Chawla bowled by P Kumar 3
RR Powar not out 0
TM Srivastava not out 0