Will you bet on Chennai Super Kings or on Rajasthan Royals?

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Chennai Super Kings Innings Current Status Runs
PA Patel catch by Kamran Khan 3
ML Hayden bowled by YK Pathan 1
SK Raina catch by GC Smith 98
S Badrinath stumped by M Rawat 29
JDP Oram catch by AD Mascarenhas 2
MS Dhoni (c) † not out 22
JA Morkel not out 4
S Tyagi 0
SB Jakati 0
L Balaji 0
M Muralitharan 0
Rajasthan Royals Innings Current Status Runs
RJ Quiney lbw by SK Raina 28
GC Smith catch by S Badrinath 2
SA Asnodkar hit wicket b Morkel 10
RA Jadeja catch by ML Hayden 37
YK Pathan catch by SK Raina 20
AD Mascarenhas catch by M Muralitharan 8
SK Warne (c) catch by S Badrinath 3
M Rawat † not out 8
MM Patel catch by PA Patel 0
SK Trivedi catch by SK Raina 2
Kamran Khan 0