Will you bet on Kolkata Knight Riders or on Rajasthan Royals?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Rajasthan Royals Innings Current Status Runs
GC Smith catch by CH Gayle 15
PC Valthaty catch by I Sharma 5
RJ Quiney catch by CH Gayle 6
YK Pathan catch by Yashpal Singh 42
RA Jadeja catch by Yashpal Singh 22
AD Mascarenhas bowled by Anureet Singh 27
AS Raut not out 21
SK Warne (c) not out 2
Kolkata Knight Riders Innings Current Status Runs
CH Gayle catch by RA Jadeja 41
BB McCullum (c) † catch by Kamran Khan 3
LR Shukla catch by M Rawat 13
BJ Hodge catch by M Rawat 5
SC Ganguly catch by M Rawat 46
SB Bangar catch by GC Smith 2
Yashpal Singh catch by AS Raut 20
AB Agarkar not out 1
I Sharma run out (Kamran Khan/†Rawat) 1