Will you bet on Ireland or on Scotland?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Scotland Innings Current Status Runs
GM Hamilton bowled by WB Rankin 1
RR Watson (c) catch by DT Johnston 7
KJ Coetzer catch by EJG Morgan 29
NS Poonia catch by AC Botha 2
CJO Smith † catch by AC Botha 0
NFI McCallum not out 121
CM Wright catch by GC Wilson 19
MM Iqbal run out (Johnston) 6
JH Stander not out 22
Ireland Innings Current Status Runs
WTS Porterfield (c) bowled by CM Wright 101
GC Wilson bowled by CS MacLeod 14
EJG Morgan bowled by RR Watson 60
NJ O'Brien † not out 25
AC Botha not out 15