Will you bet on South Africa or on England?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

South Africa Innings Current Status Runs
HM Amla catch by MJ Prior 86
GC Smith (c) bowled by LJ Wright 54
AB de Villiers catch by IJL Trott 121
JP Duminy catch by EJG Morgan 6
AN Petersen not out 51
MV Boucher † catch by LJ Wright 22
R McLaren bowled by SCJ Broad 0
England Innings Current Status Runs
AJ Strauss (c) catch by MV Boucher 24
LJ Wright catch by R McLaren 24
IJL Trott catch by GC Smith 9
KP Pietersen bowled by JP Duminy 45
PD Collingwood catch by HM Amla 86
EJG Morgan bowled by JP Duminy 0
MJ Prior † catch by GC Smith 16
TT Bresnan catch by GC Smith 7
SCJ Broad bowled by WD Parnell 10
GP Swann not out 6
JM Anderson lbw by WD Parnell 1