Will you bet on New Zealand or on India?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

New Zealand 1st Innings Current Status Runs
TG McIntosh catch by KD Karthik 12
MJ Guptill catch by V Sehwag 8
JM How bowled by Z Khan 1
LRPL Taylor catch by Yuvraj Singh 151
JD Ryder bowled by Z Khan 201
JEC Franklin run out (Yuvraj Singh/†Karthik) 52
BB McCullum † catch by SR Tendulkar 115
DL Vettori (c) bowled by I Sharma 55
JS Patel catch by I Sharma 1
IE O'Brien not out 1
India 1st Innings Current Status Runs
G Gambhir catch by DL Vettori 16
V Sehwag (c) catch by BB McCullum 34
R Dravid catch by BB McCullum 83
I Sharma lbw by DL Vettori 0
SR Tendulkar catch by LRPL Taylor 49
VVS Laxman catch by TG McIntosh 76
Yuvraj Singh catch by TG McIntosh 0
KD Karthik † catch by JD Ryder 6
Harbhajan Singh catch by CS Martin 18
Z Khan catch by JD Ryder 8
MM Patel not out 0
India 2nd Innings Current Status Runs
G Gambhir lbw by JS Patel 137
V Sehwag (c) lbw by JS Patel 22
R Dravid catch by JM How 62
SR Tendulkar catch by BB McCullum 64
VVS Laxman not out 124
Yuvraj Singh not out 54