Will you bet on England Women or on Australia Women?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Australia Women Innings Current Status Runs
S Nitschke catch by CMG Atkins 0
LJ Poulton catch by CMG Atkins 8
LC Sthalekar catch by SJ Taylor 4
KL Rolton catch by SJ Taylor 1
JM Fields (c) † lbw by NJ Shaw 15
AJ Blackwell catch by EJCLRC Rainford-Brent 7
EA Perry stumped by SJ Taylor 1
LK Ebsary catch by LS Greenway 23
RM Farrell not out 39
EA Osborne run out (Rainford-Brent/†SJ Taylor) 1
SJ Andrews catch by SJ Taylor 16
England Women Innings Current Status Runs
SJ Taylor † catch by JM Fields 68
CMG Atkins not out 48
SC Taylor not out 8