Will you bet on New Zealand or on West Indies?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

New Zealand Innings Current Status Runs
JD Ryder catch by RR Sarwan 62
BB McCullum † catch by S Chanderpaul 59
LRPL Taylor catch by XM Marshall 6
JDP Oram run out (Findlay/†Ramdin) 9
DR Flynn catch by D Ramdin 3
JEC Franklin catch by SE Findlay 20
DL Vettori (c) bowled by JE Taylor 2
KD Mills bowled by JE Taylor 6
EP Thompson not out 1
TG Southee run out (Taylor) 2
West Indies Innings Current Status Runs
CH Gayle (c) catch by JDP Oram 1
RR Sarwan catch by TG Southee 53
XM Marshall catch by DR Flynn 10
S Chanderpaul catch by JDP Oram 5
SE Findlay bowled by DL Vettori 13
KA Pollard catch by JD Ryder 38
D Ramdin † catch by JE Taylor 30
JE Taylor not out 0
SJ Benn not out 0