Will you bet on India Women or on England Women?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

India Women Innings Current Status Runs
AA Deshpande † catch by LS Greenway 32
A Chopra lbw by IT Guha 0
MDT Kamini catch & bowled by IT Guha 3
M Raj catch by LS Greenway 59
R Dhar stumped by SC Taylor 3
P Roy catch by LS Greenway 4
SK Naidu catch by SC Taylor 0
J Goswami (c) lbw by NJ Shaw 0
H Kaur bowled by JL Gunn 8
A Sharma bowled by CM Edwards 33
G Sultana not out 10
England Women Innings Current Status Runs
SJ Taylor † catch by MDT Kamini 27
CMG Atkins not out 69
SC Taylor not out 69
CM Edwards (c) 0
LS Greenway 0
BL Morgan 0
JL Gunn 0
NJ Shaw 0
HL Colvin 0
KH Brunt 0
IT Guha 0