Will you bet on New Zealand or on Ireland?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

New Zealand Innings Current Status Runs
BB McCullum (c) catch by RM West 10
AJ Redmond lbw by AR Cusack 63
MJ Guptill not out 45
SB Styris catch by NJ O'Brien 42
JDP Oram catch by AC Botha 15
PD McGlashan † bowled by DT Johnston 5
JEC Franklin not out 7
Ireland Innings Current Status Runs
WTS Porterfield (c) run out (Mills) 1
GC Wilson catch by JEC Franklin 23
NJ O'Brien † catch by JDP Oram 3
AC Botha run out (†McGlashan) 28
KJ O'Brien catch by JEC Franklin 2
JF Mooney run out (McCullum) 12
AR Cusack catch by BB McCullum 20
DT Johnston run out (McCullum) 14
WK McCallan lbw by BB McCullum 0
RM West bowled by KD Mills 8
PC Connell not out 1