Will you bet on England or on Australia?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Australia Innings Current Status Runs
SR Watson catch by LJ Wright 34
TD Paine † catch by EJG Morgan 26
CL White catch by MJ Prior 42
MJ Clarke (c) catch by MJ Prior 4
CJ Ferguson bowled by JM Anderson 55
MEK Hussey bowled by GP Swann 8
JR Hopes lbw by GP Swann 11
MG Johnson not out 43
B Lee catch by OA Shah 0
NM Hauritz not out 10
England Innings Current Status Runs
AJ Strauss (c) catch & bowled by NM Hauritz 47
RS Bopara lbw by SR Watson 27
MJ Prior † catch by TD Paine 1
OA Shah run out (Clarke/†Paine) 12
PD Collingwood bowled by B Lee 56
EJG Morgan lbw by MG Johnson 14
LJ Wright catch by TD Paine 20
TT Bresnan catch by TD Paine 5
GP Swann bowled by NW Bracken 14
RJ Sidebottom bowled by NW Bracken 0
JM Anderson not out 0