Will you bet on England or on Australia?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

England 1st Innings Current Status Runs
AJ Strauss (c) catch by MJ North 3
AN Cook catch by MJ Clarke 30
RS Bopara catch by MEK Hussey 1
IR Bell catch by BJ Haddin 8
PD Collingwood catch by RT Ponting 0
MJ Prior † not out 37
SCJ Broad catch by SM Katich 3
GP Swann catch by MJ Clarke 0
SJ Harmison catch by BJ Haddin 0
JM Anderson catch by BJ Haddin 3
G Onions catch by SM Katich 0
Australia 1st Innings Current Status Runs
SR Watson lbw by G Onions 51
SM Katich catch by RS Bopara 0
RT Ponting (c) lbw by SCJ Broad 78
MEK Hussey lbw by SCJ Broad 10
MJ Clarke lbw by G Onions 93
MJ North catch by JM Anderson 110
BJ Haddin † catch by IR Bell 14
MG Johnson catch by RS Bopara 27
PM Siddle bowled by SCJ Broad 0
SR Clark bowled by SCJ Broad 32
BW Hilfenhaus not out 0
England 2nd Innings Current Status Runs
AJ Strauss (c) lbw by BW Hilfenhaus 32
AN Cook catch by BJ Haddin 30
RS Bopara lbw by BW Hilfenhaus 0
IR Bell catch by RT Ponting 3
PD Collingwood lbw by MG Johnson 4
JM Anderson catch by RT Ponting 4
MJ Prior † catch by BJ Haddin 22
SCJ Broad catch by SR Watson 61
GP Swann catch by BJ Haddin 62
SJ Harmison not out 19
G Onions bowled by MG Johnson 0