Will you bet on England or on Australia?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Australia 1st Innings Current Status Runs
SR Watson lbw by G Onions 62
SM Katich lbw by GP Swann 46
RT Ponting (c) catch by MJ Prior 38
MEK Hussey bowled by G Onions 0
MJ Clarke lbw by JM Anderson 29
MJ North catch by MJ Prior 12
GA Manou † bowled by JM Anderson 8
MG Johnson lbw by JM Anderson 0
NM Hauritz not out 20
PM Siddle catch by MJ Prior 13
BW Hilfenhaus catch by GP Swann 20
England 1st Innings Current Status Runs
AJ Strauss (c) catch by GA Manou 69
AN Cook catch by GA Manou 0
RS Bopara bowled by BW Hilfenhaus 23
IR Bell lbw by MG Johnson 53
PD Collingwood catch by RT Ponting 13
MJ Prior † bowled by PM Siddle 41
A Flintoff catch by MJ Clarke 74
SCJ Broad catch & bowled by PM Siddle 55
GP Swann catch by MJ North 24
JM Anderson catch by GA Manou 1
G Onions not out 2
Australia 2nd Innings Current Status Runs
SR Watson catch by MJ Prior 53
SM Katich catch by MJ Prior 26
RT Ponting (c) bowled by GP Swann 5
MEK Hussey catch by MJ Prior 64
MJ Clarke not out 103
MJ North catch by JM Anderson 96
GA Manou † not out 13