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Kings XI Punjab Innings Current Status Runs
SE Marsh bowled by M Ntini 23
JR Hopes catch by PA Patel 2
KC Sangakkara † catch by PA Patel 3
Yuvraj Singh (c) catch by M Muralitharan 4
DPMD Jayawardene catch by PA Patel 8
IK Pathan run out (Ntini/Gony) 3
WA Mota catch by SK Raina 25
PP Chawla bowled by M Muralitharan 12
RR Powar not out 28
S Sreesanth not out 0
Chennai Super Kings Innings Current Status Runs
PA Patel † not out 51
S Vidyut catch by WA Mota 6
SK Raina not out 55