Will you bet on Royal Challengers Bangalore or on Chennai Super Kings?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Royal Challengers Bangalore Innings Current Status Runs
JH Kallis catch by SP Fleming 5
SP Goswami catch by PA Patel 10
V Kohli catch by JA Morkel 10
R Dravid (c) catch by MS Dhoni 47
Misbah-ul-Haq catch by PA Patel 4
MV Boucher † lbw by JA Morkel 17
B Akhil not out 6
P Kumar bowled by JA Morkel 21
R Vinay Kumar bowled by JA Morkel 0
A Kumble not out 2
Chennai Super Kings Innings Current Status Runs
PA Patel † catch & bowled by A Kumble 24
SP Fleming catch by B Akhil 45
MS Dhoni (c) catch by A Kumble 4
SK Raina not out 21
S Badrinath lbw by A Kumble 1
JA Morkel catch by R Vinay Kumar 1
S Vidyut catch by JH Kallis 0
MS Gony catch by DW Steyn 4
L Balaji run out (Dravid/Goswami) 0
M Ntini not out 0