Will you bet on Mumbai Indians or on Kings XI Punjab?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Kings XI Punjab Innings Current Status Runs
SE Marsh catch by SM Pollock 81
JR Hopes catch by PR Shah 0
LA Pomersbach not out 79
Yuvraj Singh (c) catch by DR Smith 7
DPMD Jayawardene catch & bowled by CRD Fernando 1
IK Pathan not out 9
Mumbai Indians Innings Current Status Runs
ST Jayasuriya lbw by S Sreesanth 20
SR Tendulkar (c) run out (Pathan) 65
DR Smith run out (Yuvraj Singh/Chawla) 20
AM Nayar catch by TM Srivastava 27
RV Uthappa catch by JR Hopes 9
SM Pollock catch by PP Chawla 0
PR Shah † catch by VRV Singh 5
SD Chitnis run out (Srivastava) 15
CRD Fernando not out 2
A Nehra run out (Srivastava/Jayawardene/†Kaul) 0
VS Yeligati run out (Yuvraj Singh) 2