Will you bet on Royal Challengers Bangalore or on Delhi Daredevils?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Royal Challengers Bangalore Innings Current Status Runs
JH Kallis catch by KD Karthik 25
B Chipli catch by R Bhatia 2
SP Goswami † catch by TM Dilshan 52
R Dravid (c) bowled by TM Dilshan 9
Misbah-ul-Haq not out 47
CL White run out (Maharoof/Shoaib Maliksub ]/†Karthik) 1
B Akhil run out (Sehwag/Maharoof) 3
P Kumar bowled by GD McGrath 2
Z Khan not out 4
A Kumble 0
DW Steyn 0
Delhi Daredevils Innings Current Status Runs
G Gambhir run out (White) 39
V Sehwag (c) catch by B Chipli 47
AB de Villiers catch by SP Goswami 21
TM Dilshan stumped by SP Goswami 4
S Dhawan not out 16
KD Karthik † catch by CL White 6
MF Maharoof not out 13
R Bhatia 0
VY Mahesh 0
PJ Sangwan 0
GD McGrath 0