Will you bet on Mumbai Indians or on Deccan Chargers?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Mumbai Indians Innings Current Status Runs
ST Jayasuriya catch by RP Singh 36
SR Tendulkar (c) catch by LPC Silva 23
DJ Thornely lbw by Shahid Afridi 8
AM Nayar catch by RG Sharma 38
RV Uthappa catch by Shahid Afridi 7
DJ Bravo bowled by RP Singh 30
PR Shah bowled by RP Singh 10
YV Takawale † not out 5
RR Raje not out 1
Deccan Chargers Innings Current Status Runs
AC Gilchrist (c) † catch by PR Shah 13
Shahid Afridi catch by DJ Thornely 0
RG Sharma lbw by CRD Fernando 6
LPC Silva catch by YV Takawale 17
Y Venugopal Rao catch by PR Shah 57
DB Ravi Teja bowled by DJ Bravo 37
DNT Zoysa not out 10
H Das run out (†Takawale) 2
RP Singh not out 3