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Kolkata Knight Riders Innings Current Status Runs
Salman Butt catch by SR Tendulkar 13
A Chopra run out (Uthappa/Pollock) 1
SC Ganguly (c) catch by YV Takawale 15
DJ Hussey catch by YV Takawale 2
Mohammad Hafeez catch by RV Uthappa 5
WP Saha † catch by SR Tendulkar 1
LR Shukla bowled by RR Raje 0
AB Agarkar catch by SR Tendulkar 15
Shoaib Akhtar catch by SR Tendulkar 2
I Sharma catch & bowled by DJ Thornely 4
AB Dinda not out 1
Mumbai Indians Innings Current Status Runs
ST Jayasuriya not out 48
SR Tendulkar (c) catch by WP Saha 0
RV Uthappa catch by SC Ganguly 9
DJ Thornely not out 1
DJ Bravo 0
AM Nayar 0
SM Pollock 0
RV Pawar 0
YV Takawale † 0
RR Raje 0
A Nehra 0