Will you bet on Royal Challengers Bangalore or on Chennai Super Kings?

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Chennai Super Kings Innings Current Status Runs
PA Patel catch by JH Kallis 21
ML Hayden bowled by Z Khan 13
MEK Hussey catch by R Dravid 47
SK Raina run out (Jaffer/†Boucher) 28
MS Dhoni (c) † bowled by Z Khan 65
JDP Oram not out 0
Royal Challengers Bangalore Innings Current Status Runs
B Chipli bowled by MS Gony 8
W Jaffer catch by JDP Oram 50
LRPL Taylor catch by SK Raina 53
JH Kallis catch by MS Dhoni 14
MV Boucher † catch by MEK Hussey 4
V Kohli bowled by JA Morkel 12
R Dravid (c) lbw by MS Gony 0
P Kumar run out (Joginder Sharma/Oram/†Dhoni) 6
Z Khan run out (Raina/†Dhoni) 8
B Akhil not out 2
DW Steyn catch by MEK Hussey 1