Will you bet on Delhi Daredevils or on Rajasthan Royals?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Rajasthan Royals Innings Current Status Runs
T Kohli catch by M Manhas 7
YK Pathan run out (Manhas/Geeves) 10
SR Watson run out (Dhawan/Bhatia) 21
M Kaif catch by B Geeves 9
DS Lehmann lbw by MF Maharoof 1
RA Jadeja bowled by DL Vettori 29
M Rawat † bowled by R Bhatia 2
D Salunkhe not out 26
SK Warne (c) bowled by MF Maharoof 14
SK Trivedi not out 3
Delhi Daredevils Innings Current Status Runs
G Gambhir not out 58
V Sehwag (c) bowled by SR Watson 12
S Dhawan not out 52