Will you bet on Hong Kong or on India?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

India Innings Current Status Runs
G Gambhir catch by JPR Lamsam 51
V Sehwag catch by Irfan Ahmed 78
RG Sharma run out (Nadeem Ahmed) 11
MS Dhoni (c) † not out 109
SK Raina catch by Irfan Ahmed 101
RV Uthappa not out 15
Hong Kong Innings Current Status Runs
Tabarak Dar (c) stumped by MS Dhoni 21
Skhawat Ali lbw by RP Singh 0
JJ Atkinson † catch & bowled by YK Pathan 23
KH Butt stumped by MS Dhoni 4
CK Kruger stumped by MS Dhoni 3
Irfan Ahmed run out (Singh/Pathan) 25
JPR Lamsam run out (†Dhoni/Singh) 16
Munir Dar catch by YK Pathan 4
Najeeb Amar not out 13
Afzaal Haider bowled by V Sehwag 0
Nadeem Ahmed catch by MS Dhoni 0