Will you bet on West Indies or on Australia?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Australia Innings Current Status Runs
SE Marsh catch by D Ramdin 16
SR Watson catch by D Ramdin 20
MEK Hussey catch by DJ Bravo 37
MJ Clarke (c) lbw by NO Miller 36
A Symonds catch by DJ Bravo 87
DJ Hussey bowled by CH Gayle 50
JR Hopes catch by RR Sarwan 0
L Ronchi † catch by XM Marshall 12
B Lee not out 7
MG Johnson not out 0
West Indies Innings Current Status Runs
CH Gayle (c) catch by JR Hopes 92
XM Marshall lbw by B Lee 0
RR Sarwan catch by L Ronchi 63
S Chanderpaul bowled by NW Bracken 53
DJ Bravo bowled by JR Hopes 31
SE Findlay catch by MEK Hussey 9
D Ramdin † not out 5
DJG Sammy not out 3