Will you bet on Sri Lanka or on West Indies?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Sri Lanka Innings Current Status Runs
WU Tharanga bowled by DJ Bravo 10
ML Udawatte bowled by FH Edwards 0
KC Sangakkara † catch by DJ Bravo 23
DPMD Jayawardene (c) catch by S Chanderpaul 1
LPC Silva catch by CH Gayle 67
TM Dilshan catch by PA Browne 2
CK Kapugedera lbw by FH Edwards 95
WPUJC Vaas not out 10
KMDN Kulasekara not out 1
BAW Mendis 0
MKDI Amerasinghe 0
West Indies Innings Current Status Runs
CH Gayle (c) lbw by BAW Mendis 52
DS Smith lbw by KMDN Kulasekara 14
RR Sarwan catch by KC Sangakkara 35
MN Samuels lbw by KMDN Kulasekara 0
S Chanderpaul not out 62
DJ Bravo run out (Jayawardene/†Sangakkara/Dilshan) 36
PA Browne † catch by BAW Mendis 15
DJG Sammy bowled by BAW Mendis 1
JE Taylor catch by LPC Silva 9
SJ Benn run out (Jayawardene) 0
FH Edwards not out 2