Will you bet on New Zealand or on England?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

England Innings Current Status Runs
P Mustard † catch by JD Ryder 20
LJ Wright catch by BB McCullum 1
KP Pietersen catch by LRPL Taylor 43
IR Bell bowled by JDP Oram 12
PD Collingwood (c) catch by SB Styris 26
OA Shah lbw by JD Ryder 23
AD Mascarenhas catch by JS Patel 31
GP Swann not out 15
SCJ Broad catch by SB Styris 6
RJ Sidebottom not out 5
New Zealand Innings Current Status Runs
JD Ryder run out (Bell/Mascarenhas) 22
BB McCullum (c) † catch by OA Shah 9
LRPL Taylor lbw by RJ Sidebottom 0
JM How catch by KP Pietersen 6
SB Styris bowled by AD Mascarenhas 1
PG Fulton bowled by SCJ Broad 8
JDP Oram catch by IR Bell 61
KD Mills catch by JM Anderson 11
TG Southee catch by AD Mascarenhas 1
JS Patel bowled by JM Anderson 5
CS Martin not out 5