Will you bet on Australia or on New Zealand?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Australia Innings Current Status Runs
AC Gilchrist † catch by JS Patel 1
MJ Clarke (c) catch by LRPL Taylor 33
MEK Hussey stumped by BB McCullum 22
A Symonds not out 85
AC Voges catch by LRPL Taylor 26
LA Pomersbach catch by LRPL Taylor 15
AA Noffke run out (Patel/Gillespie) 0
B Lee not out 0
NW Bracken 0
MG Johnson 0
SW Tait 0
New Zealand Innings Current Status Runs
L Vincent catch by AC Gilchrist 0
BB McCullum † catch by AC Gilchrist 13
JM How catch by AC Gilchrist 4
SB Styris catch by NW Bracken 18
LRPL Taylor bowled by SW Tait 0
MS Sinclair catch by AC Gilchrist 0
JDP Oram not out 66
DL Vettori (c) bowled by AA Noffke 3
KD Mills catch by MG Johnson 4
MR Gillespie run out (Symonds) 4
JS Patel bowled by AA Noffke 4