Will you bet on England or on New Zealand?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

New Zealand Innings Current Status Runs
L Vincent catch by VS Solanki 13
BB McCullum † catch by VS Solanki 4
PG Fulton lbw by A Flintoff 0
LRPL Taylor catch by A Flintoff 7
SB Styris run out (Maddy) 42
CD McMillan catch by AD Mascarenhas 57
JDP Oram bowled by DL Maddy 8
DL Vettori (c) not out 17
SE Bond bowled by PD Collingwood 2
MR Gillespie run out (Anderson/†Solanki) 7
England Innings Current Status Runs
DL Maddy run out (McMillan/Martin) 50
VS Solanki † catch by L Vincent 24
KP Pietersen bowled by DL Vettori 24
PD Collingwood (c) catch by CD McMillan 3
OA Shah run out (Vettori/†McCullum) 21
A Flintoff run out (Vincent/Vettori) 1
LJ Wright bowled by SE Bond 24
AD Mascarenhas bowled by SE Bond 0
CP Schofield not out 8
SCJ Broad not out 3