Will you bet on Kenya or on Canada?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Kenya Innings Current Status Runs
MA Ouma † catch by AA Mulla 4
DO Obuya catch by A Bagai 3
RD Shah catch by JM Davison 39
SO Tikolo (c) catch & bowled by S Dhaniram 23
T Mishra catch by JM Davison 62
CO Obuya catch by GR Codrington 48
TM Odoyo catch by Qaiser Ali 15
JK Kamande lbw by H Osinde 12
LN Onyango not out 11
PJ Ongondo catch by Qaiser Ali 0
HA Varaiya not out 2
Canada Innings Current Status Runs
AA Mulla catch by CO Obuya 4
AM Samad catch by SO Tikolo 14
DR Chumney catch by DO Obuya 7
A Bagai † catch by RD Shah 5
JM Davison (c) bowled by PJ Ongondo 10
Qaiser Ali bowled by TM Odoyo 0
S Dhaniram catch by SO Tikolo 7
GR Codrington lbw by LN Onyango 24
AC Cummins catch by TM Odoyo 8
A Codrington catch by MA Ouma 5
H Osinde not out 1