Will you bet on South Africa or on Zimbabwe?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Zimbabwe Innings Current Status Runs
V Sibanda catch by MV Boucher 0
TV Mufambisi bowled by SM Pollock 21
CJ Chibhabha catch by JP Duminy 38
H Masakadza catch & bowled by JH Kallis 5
BRM Taylor † catch by AJ Hall 5
S Matsikenyeri bowled by AJ Hall 14
E Chigumbura stumped by MV Boucher 30
HP Rinke lbw by RJ Peterson 3
P Utseya (c) not out 24
AJ Ireland bowled by AJ Hall 1
EC Rainsford bowled by AJ Hall 1
South Africa Innings Current Status Runs
LE Bosman bowled by HP Rinke 38
HH Dippenaar catch by V Sibanda 9
AN Petersen bowled by HP Rinke 20
JH Kallis (c) bowled by AJ Ireland 26
JP Duminy not out 31
JM Kemp not out 28