Will you bet on England or on India?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

England Innings Current Status Runs
AN Cook bowled by RP Singh 102
MJ Prior † catch by R Dravid 19
IR Bell not out 126
KP Pietersen not out 33
India Innings Current Status Runs
SC Ganguly run out (Panesar/†Prior) 2
SR Tendulkar catch by RS Bopara 17
G Gambhir catch by MJ Prior 3
R Dravid (c) catch by MJ Prior 46
Yuvraj Singh catch by AN Cook 0
MS Dhoni † catch by MJ Prior 19
KD Karthik not out 44
AB Agarkar run out (Collingwood/†Prior) 11
PP Chawla run out (Mascarenhas/Panesar) 2
Z Khan bowled by JM Anderson 20
RP Singh bowled by MS Panesar 0