Will you bet on Pakistan or on West Indies?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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West Indies Innings Current Status Runs
CH Gayle lbw by Naved-ul-Hasan 41
BC Lara (c) lbw by Naved-ul-Hasan 0
LMP Simmons bowled by Naved-ul-Hasan 70
MN Samuels catch by Imran Farhat 13
D Ganga bowled by Abdur Rehman 20
RS Morton bowled by Abdur Rehman 7
DR Smith bowled by Umar Gul 23
D Ramdin † not out 10
IDR Bradshaw not out 0
Pakistan Innings Current Status Runs
Mohammad Hafeez catch by JE Taylor 31
Imran Farhat catch by MN Samuels 58
Kamran Akmal † catch by D Ramdin 23
Mohammad Yousuf not out 28
Shoaib Malik not out 21