Will you bet on South Africa or on India?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

South Africa Innings Current Status Runs
GC Smith (c) lbw by Z Khan 16
LE Bosman catch by SR Tendulkar 1
HH Gibbs catch by SK Raina 7
JM Kemp lbw by SR Tendulkar 22
AB de Villiers † catch by MS Dhoni 6
JA Morkel catch by D Mongia 27
JJ van der Wath catch by SK Raina 21
RJ Peterson run out (Karthik/Harbhajan Singh) 8
T Henderson run out (†Dhoni/Raina) 0
R Telemachus not out 5
CK Langeveldt not out 0
India Innings Current Status Runs
V Sehwag (c) run out (Langeveldt/sub [AG Prince]) 34
SR Tendulkar bowled by CK Langeveldt 10
D Mongia catch by CK Langeveldt 38
MS Dhoni † bowled by CK Langeveldt 0
KD Karthik not out 31
SK Raina not out 3