Will you bet on New Zealand or on Australia?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Australia Innings Current Status Runs
ML Hayden catch by SP Fleming 14
PA Jaques catch by DL Vettori 1
BJ Haddin † bowled by SE Bond 6
MEK Hussey (c) catch by LRPL Taylor 42
BJ Hodge catch by SP Fleming 22
CL White catch & bowled by SE Bond 13
SR Watson catch by SE Bond 8
GB Hogg bowled by SE Bond 20
MG Johnson catch by JDP Oram 8
NW Bracken bowled by SE Bond 0
GD McGrath not out 5
New Zealand Innings Current Status Runs
L Vincent not out 73
SP Fleming (c) not out 70