Will you bet on India or on West Indies?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

India Innings Current Status Runs
V Sehwag lbw by JE Taylor 17
SR Tendulkar bowled by IDR Bradshaw 29
IK Pathan bowled by IDR Bradshaw 0
R Dravid (c) run out (Smith) 49
Yuvraj Singh catch by DJ Bravo 27
MS Dhoni † run out (†Baugh/Chanderpaul) 51
SK Raina stumped by CS Baugh 19
Harbhajan Singh bowled by JE Taylor 15
AB Agarkar run out (†Baugh) 1
RP Singh not out 0
West Indies Innings Current Status Runs
CH Gayle catch by RP Singh 34
S Chanderpaul catch by R Dravid 51
DJ Bravo lbw by Harbhajan Singh 16
RR Sarwan run out (Dravid/Pathan) 53
RS Morton lbw by AB Agarkar 45
BC Lara (c) bowled by IK Pathan 5
MN Samuels not out 5
DR Smith bowled by AB Agarkar 0
CS Baugh † not out 1