Will you bet on Australia or on England?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

England Innings Current Status Runs
EC Joyce catch by BJ Hodge 15
MB Loye run out (Hayden) 45
IR Bell run out (Hussey) 26
AJ Strauss catch by AC Gilchrist 6
PD Collingwood catch by AC Gilchrist 70
A Flintoff (c) catch & bowled by B Lee 42
JWM Dalrymple run out (Hodge/†Gilchrist) 5
PA Nixon † catch by BJ Hodge 6
LE Plunkett not out 8
Australia Innings Current Status Runs
AC Gilchrist † bowled by LE Plunkett 20
ML Hayden catch by PD Collingwood 5
RT Ponting (c) catch by AJ Strauss 7
MJ Clarke catch by PA Nixon 0
BJ Hodge catch by IR Bell 49
MEK Hussey catch by AJ Strauss 0
SR Watson catch by JWM Dalrymple 37
GB Hogg catch by A Flintoff 10
B Lee not out 10
NW Bracken not out 3