Will you bet on Australia or on New Zealand?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Australia Innings Current Status Runs
AC Gilchrist † catch by JS Patel 13
ML Hayden bowled by DL Vettori 117
RT Ponting (c) catch by PG Fulton 111
MJ Clarke bowled by JS Patel 7
A Symonds bowled by MR Gillespie 24
MEK Hussey not out 29
CL White not out 20
New Zealand Innings Current Status Runs
L Vincent lbw by MJ Clarke 66
SP Fleming (c) catch by AC Gilchrist 28
PG Fulton catch by ML Hayden 23
LRPL Taylor bowled by MJ Clarke 39
CD McMillan run out (Johnson) 5
JDP Oram not out 101
BB McCullum † not out 46