Will you bet on England or on Ireland?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

England Innings Current Status Runs
EC Joyce bowled by WB Rankin 1
MP Vaughan (c) catch by NJ O'Brien 6
IR Bell catch by NJ O'Brien 31
KP Pietersen catch by WTS Porterfield 48
PD Collingwood run out (White/Johnston) 90
A Flintoff bowled by DT Johnston 43
PA Nixon † catch by EJG Morgan 19
RS Bopara not out 10
SI Mahmood not out 0
Ireland Innings Current Status Runs
WTS Porterfield catch by IR Bell 31
JP Bray catch by RS Bopara 0
EJG Morgan run out (Mahmood) 2
NJ O'Brien † stumped by PA Nixon 63
AC Botha catch by A Flintoff 18
KJ O'Brien lbw by MS Panesar 12
DT Johnston (c) bowled by A Flintoff 27
AR White catch by PA Nixon 38
WK McCallan bowled by A Flintoff 5
D Langford-Smith lbw by A Flintoff 1
WB Rankin not out 4