Will you bet on England or on Kenya?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Kenya Innings Current Status Runs
MA Ouma † catch by PD Collingwood 13
RD Shah bowled by JM Anderson 4
AO Suji catch by MP Vaughan 14
SO Tikolo (c) bowled by A Flintoff 76
T Mishra bowled by PD Collingwood 0
CO Obuya run out (Bopara/Panesar) 10
TM Odoyo lbw by A Flintoff 4
JK Kamande bowled by PD Collingwood 17
LN Onyango run out (†Nixon) 10
PJ Ongondo run out (Vaughan) 3
HA Varaiya not out 4
England Innings Current Status Runs
EC Joyce bowled by SO Tikolo 75
MP Vaughan (c) catch by CO Obuya 1
IR Bell bowled by TM Odoyo 16
KP Pietersen not out 56
PD Collingwood not out 18