Will you bet on Scotland or on South Africa?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Scotland Innings Current Status Runs
DF Watts catch by GC Smith 24
RM Haq catch by MV Boucher 13
RR Watson (c) run out (de Villiers) 31
GM Hamilton catch by AB de Villiers 4
NFI McCallum bowled by CK Langeveldt 1
DR Brown not out 45
CJO Smith † bowled by SM Pollock 15
JAR Blain catch by JM Kemp 23
PJC Hoffmann run out (†Boucher/Hall) 18
South Africa Innings Current Status Runs
GC Smith (c) catch by GA Rogers 91
AB de Villiers catch by DR Brown 62
AG Prince catch by NFI McCallum 21
JM Kemp not out 12
SM Pollock not out 0