Will you bet on Ireland or on Pakistan?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Pakistan Innings Current Status Runs
Imran Nazir catch by EJG Morgan 24
Mohammad Hafeez catch by NJ O'Brien 4
Younis Khan catch by AC Botha 0
Mohammad Yousuf catch by WTS Porterfield 15
Inzamam-ul-Haq (c) catch by EJG Morgan 1
Shoaib Malik catch by NJ O'Brien 9
Kamran Akmal † catch by DT Johnston 27
Azhar Mahmood catch by DT Johnston 2
Mohammad Sami catch by JP Bray 12
Iftikhar Anjum not out 8
Umar Gul bowled by WK McCallan 1
Ireland Innings Current Status Runs
JP Bray lbw by Mohammad Sami 3
WTS Porterfield bowled by Mohammad Hafeez 13
EJG Morgan lbw by Mohammad Sami 2
NJ O'Brien † stumped by Kamran Akmal 72
AC Botha catch by Mohammad Hafeez 0
KJ O'Brien not out 16
AR White catch by Mohammad Hafeez 4
WK McCallan catch by Younis Khan 0
DT Johnston (c) not out 9