Will you bet on Australia or on South Africa?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Australia Innings Current Status Runs
AC Gilchrist † bowled by SM Pollock 0
SM Katich catch by GC Smith 0
RT Ponting (c) catch & bowled by M Zondeki 33
DR Martyn bowled by SM Pollock 12
A Symonds catch by MV Boucher 9
MJ Clarke catch by MV Boucher 8
MEK Hussey bowled by GJP Kruger 73
B Lee run out (Pollock/†Boucher) 57
NW Bracken not out 7
SR Clark bowled by AJ Hall 15
GD McGrath run out (†Boucher/Hall) 0
South Africa Innings Current Status Runs
GC Smith (c) catch by SM Katich 12
HH Dippenaar run out (Clark) 74
JH Kallis run out (Symonds) 0
HH Gibbs catch by DR Martyn 16
AG Prince catch by MEK Hussey 19
MV Boucher † not out 63
JM Kemp not out 29