Will you bet on Legends of Rupganj or on Prime Bank Cricket Club?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Prime Bank Cricket Club INNINGS (20 overs maximum) Current Status Runs
Tamim Iqbal bowled by Nabil Samad 12
Rony Talukdar catch by Sabbir Rahman 53
Anamul Haque (c) not out 58
Mohammad Mithun catch by Pinak Ghosh 18
Alok Kapali catch by Nabil Samad 4
Nahidul Islam catch by Muktar Ali 2
Amit Majumder not out 11
Legends of Rupganj INNINGS (target: 170 runs from 20 overs) Current Status Runs
Azmir Ahmed bowled by Nahidul Islam 12
Pinak Ghosh lbw by Nahidul Islam 1
Sabbir Rahman catch by Nayeem Hasan 0
Jaker Ali  catch by Amit Majumder 16
Naeem Islam (c) catch by Shoriful Islam 4
Sunzamul Islam 7
Sohag Gazi bowled by Nayeem Hasan 7
Muktar Ali catch by Shoriful Islam 5
Qazi Onik catch by Nabil Samad 0
Mohammad Shahid not out 13
Nabil Samad bowled by Mohammad Mithun 1