Will you bet on Hampshire 2nd XI or on Kent 2nd XI?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Hampshire 2nd XI INNINGS (9 overs maximum) Current Status Runs
Felix Organ (c) catch by Harry Finch 21
Cameron Steel 0
Tom Scriven catch by Felix Organ 56
Fletcha Middleton catch by Jarred Lysaught 7
Charlie Mumford  catch by Elliot Hooper 7
Scott Currie bowled by Harry Podmore 2
Luke Benkenstein not out 3
Harry Ellis Broderick 3
Ajeet Dale not out 1
Kent 2nd XI INNINGS (target: 106 runs from 9 overs) Current Status Runs
Tawanda Muyeye catch by Fletcha Middleton 35
Alex Blake catch by Fletcha Middleton 14
Joe Gordon catch by Luke Benkenstein 12
Jacob Miltz  not out 17
Marcus O'Riordan not out 10