Will you bet on Leinster Lightning or on Northern Knights?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Northern Knights INNINGS (20 overs maximum) Current Status Runs
Luke Georgeson catch by Jonathan Garth 31
James McCollum 25
Ruhan Pretorius catch by Lorcan Tucker 31
Harry Tector (c) catch by George Dockrell 3
Mark Adair 17
Neil Rock  catch by Barry McCarthy 15
John Matchett bowled by Josh Little 23
Ross Adair not out 21
David Delany not out 4
Leinster Lightning INNINGS (target: 175 runs from 20 overs) Current Status Runs
Kevin O'Brien catch by M Adair 4
Simi Singh bowled by M Adair 10
Andy Balbirnie stumped by Neil Rock 42
George Dockrell (c) catch by John Matchett 7
Lorcan Tucker  bowled by M Adair 2
Jamie Grassi bowled by Ben White 4
Tim Tector bowled by Ben White 27
Jonathan Garth bowled by Ben White 2
Barry McCarthy not out 24
Josh Little not out 27