Will you bet on MR24/7 Emergency Services or on King Price Kings?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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MR24/7 Emergency Services INNINGS (20 overs maximum) Current Status Runs
Zane Green bowled by Danie van Schoor 2
Gerhard Janse van Rensburg  bowled by Nicolaas Scholtz 0
Nikolaas Davin bowled by Nicolaas Scholtz 2
Lo-handre Louwrens catch by Michael van Lingen 18
Waqas Muhammed 10
Joshuan Julius (c) catch by Michael van Lingen 15
Ramon Wilmot catch by JP Kotze 21
Tawanda Sithole catch by Danie van Schoor 10
Ben Shikongo 0
Mika Mutumbe not out 10
Mauritius Ngupita not out 2
King Price Kings INNINGS (target: 102 runs from 20 overs) Current Status Runs
Danie van Schoor stumped by Gerhard Janse van Rensburg 41
Lauritz Haccou  catch by Ben Shikongo 2
JP Kotze (c) not out 51
JJ Smit not out 5