Will you bet on Goltay Cricket Academy or on Rajkot Thunders?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Goltay Cricket Academy INNINGS (20 overs maximum) Current Status Runs
Sagar Rambir 8
Mayank Kumar (c) catch by Pritesh Anadkat 24
Dawood Ejaz catch by Rishit Saini 25
Basit Hassan 90
Rahul Singh not out 64
Ankur Sangwan not out 0
Rajkot Thunders INNINGS (target: 220 runs from 20 overs) Current Status Runs
Banty Nandy  catch & bowled by Basit Hassan 13
Ameya Soman catch by Ankur Sangwan 23
Jatin Patel catch by Rahul Singh 6
Bhera Ram bowled by Ankur Sangwan 24
Shawej Khan catch by Dawood Ejaz 64
Ali Khaledi catch & bowled by Rahul Singh 3
Rishit Saini catch by Ankur Sangwan 17
Mohamed Tareq not out 5
Mohit Goraniya catch by Hazrat Luqman 0
Mahesh Thanki not out 3